We love old tube amps, so what we do here is source old forgotten tube amps, some are from old electric organs, some are from old stereo consoles and some are just plain old amps, and we bring them back to life!
We call these Rat Rod amps, like the old Rat Rod cars. We go through these amps, replace any worn or damaged parts, mostly film and electrolytic capacitors, sometimes old resistors too that have shifted a lot in the intended value.
We check all the wiring, in most cases add a new power cord and also ground the metal chassis for safety, check the transformers and give it an all over clean. We however leave the patina on the chassis, transformer etc., hence, Rat Rod.
Where necessary, we may add new speaker terminals and RCA sockets, it all depends on the condition of the original parts.
However, the overall amp will be original as much as possible.
We can also add a volume control on request and carry out some other mods if that is what you want us to do.
We don't always have Rat Rod amps for sale, it really depends of what we can find out there.
Each amp will be 100% operational and completely tested, both for performance and safety.
We even give the amp a 12 month warranty on the work we have done and the parts we have changed, YES, warranty, again, ONLY on the work we have done and parts we have changed.
If the amp came with tubes, we will test them and if they are good, they will ship out with the amp.
Or, if the amp came with no tubes, we will use either NOS or new tubes.
Each amp comes with a list of the work that has been done and the parts that have been changed, so you know EXACTLY what has been done to the amp to bring it back to life.
So each amp is plug and play. All you have to do is plug the amp into a power outlet, plug in your preamp, connect a set of speakers and you're good to go.
Below is a list of amps we are currently working on as well as one that are for sale.

Rat Rod Tube Amps

We are currently working on a couple of Hammond AO-39 mono blocks. These will be sold as a pair, so you'll get stereo/two mono blocks. Once they are ready to be sold, we will list price etc details here.