Well it's been a few decades, but we are now able to offer you a modern version of the old Dynaco PAS3 preamp, called the PAS-NG for New Generation!
These are COMPLETE preamp kits, just like in the old days, consisting of a brand new chassis, chassis cover, a choice of faceplates & knobs to suit, and our very own New Generation circuits. You'll get the look of an old PAS2/3 but you'll enjoy modern and current tube circuit technology.
The following kits are available: PAS-NG with NO tone controls; PAS-NGT WITH tone controls; PAS-NGCT Center Channel with blend control & tone controls; PAS-NGC Center Channel with blend control and NO tone controls;
Please see links to each kit below.
The circuitry used for these New Generation kits are based on our very popular PAS upgrade kits. We use the high quality Dynakit Parts chassis with black or brown covers and our own custom front faceplates available in either black or silver with your choice of either black or silver aluminum knobs. You get everything you need with these kits to build a brand new, first class tube preamplifier/ppower amplifier -  chassis, cover, PCB kits with individual instructions, nuts and bolts, hookup wires and all of the remaining hardware. All you supply is your kit building skills, a soldering iron, solder, tools and time!
Please note that this kit is NOT for the beginner, and although assembly instructions for each PCB is included, wiring for mains power will need someone with experience  who has wired up and worked with high voltages before. The PAS-NG kits can be set for either 120VAC or 220-240VAC by installing the relevant jumper links on the power supply pcb.
We can also customize these kits. For example, if you prefer to use a different model phono or line preamp or even our power supply using a tube rectifier for the PAS-NG series preamps, we can accommodate your wish. Black faceplate with black knobs is also an option. Just ask!
We now have our very own PAS upgrade kit forum, where you can discuss about all of our PAS upgrade kits.
Go here, https://www.erhard-audio.com/EA-Forum/index.php

PAS New Generation Preamp Kits

Please note: ALL our kits require assembly!
Also, all the resistors and capacitors are mixed together, they are not packed in their individual values and/or types.
PAS-NGT - with tone controls
PAS-NG - without tone controls - Aikido