Saturn is our EL84 PP 20W/CH stereo amp built into a more 'conventional' chassis layout, yet still keeping that classic 60's and early 70's look!
Don't be 'fooled' by the 20W output, Saturn drives our 100W Klipsch (95dB) test speakers with ease, this amp has got more than enough power to drive a lot of speakers with plenty of power to spare!
The chassis is the same type as used with Europa, the only difference is that this chassis is 3U high. Saturn was designed to compliment our model Europa preamp, but this amp can of course be used with most tube or solid state preamps.
Saturn uses a 12DW7 driver tube and two EL84 power tubes in a push pull configuration for each channel.
Filament for the 12DW7's is regulated DC, for the EL84's it is AC.
The OPT's and power transformer are all Antek Toroidals with 4 and 8 OHM speaker impedance.
The EL84 have auto bias, the same auto bias modules we use in all our amps. You'll never have to adjust bias again. Four green LED's on the front panel indicate 'bias OK'. So as long as all four LED's are on, all is good. If one goes out, simply replace that corresponding tube and away you go!
This is a REALLY sweet sounding amp, the EL84's are amazing sounding tubes.
Saturn comes with two VU meter options, see below. Silver or black anodized aluminum face plates are available.
Inputs can be supplied as true balanced XLR, using the excellent Lundahl LL1544A audio transformer.
The chassis is an all metal 3U high unit. As with all our builds, we only use high quality brand name components, most of which are sourced from Mouser.
Saturn is built to order and will take around 6 weeks to build and ship.


2x XLR inputs, LL1544A
Square VU meter option
Round VU meter option
High Expectations
Saturn Options
optional LL1544A based true balanced XLR input