Erhard Audio prides itself for that personal touch and customer support and satisfaction.
Yet we do have a life outside of Erhard Audio ;-), so we do our best to make it work for all.
We operate from Monday to Thursday, 9am to 3pm, we are closed for business Friday to Sunday as well as ALL publlic holidays.
Also, during the summer period, custom production times will be longer, as we'll be spending time enjoying the outdoors! We can discuss your order production time at time of order placement.
We have a number where you, our customer, can reach us, this number is 406 589 2251 and it is active Monday to Thursday, 9am to 3pm, Montana time. All other times, it will go to voicemail straight away.
There will be times when I cannot answer the phone during the active hours, so do leave me a message and I will call back as soon as I can.
I will always try and answer e-mails promptly, but sometimes it may take a little while to get back to you. During our closed times, weekends or public holidays, it may take a day or so for me to get back to you via e-mail.
We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Erhard Audio
(aka Modus Operandi)