Terms & Conditions
Yes, we do need to cover the terms and conditions, we will try and keep them simple :-)

Most of our custom gear is covered by a 24 months warranty, 6 moths on the tubes.
Each piece has security stickers, which when removed leave behind a pattern. If these are removed, this voids ALL warranties.
We will cover the shipping costs for the piece to be returned to us under waranty and shipping back to you.

If you decide to return the piece, a 15% re stocking fee will be deducted from the purchase price, as well, you will be responsible for the shipping cost.
We will ONLY accept a return within 1 month from date of shipment, this is not negotiable!

Tube rolling
We understand that many like to tube roll and try NOS or equivalent model tubes. We don't really agree with this. If a piece is damaged due to the use of a wrong model tube or damaged tube, this will void all warranties. And yes, we can actually find out that  damage was caused by tube rolling ;-)

Upgrade kits
We do not and cannot accept ANY returns for upgrade kits that have been shipped, this is not negotiable.

New Generation PAS
If we build one of our new generation PAS kits for you, this will then come with a 24 months warranty, 6 months on the tubes if these were ordered and supplied by us.
We DO NOT accept ANY returns on a new generation PAS kit built by us, this is not negotiable.