Europa is our all tube 6922/E88CC based tone control preamp built into a more 'conventional' chassis layout, yet still keeping that classic 60's and early 70's look!
With Europa, there is nothing sitting on the top of the chassis. All components are housed inside the chassis, this gives a clean stereo chassis which can fit into smaller spaces and shelves. The all aluminum chassis is 3U high.
Model Europa has these options, for costs of these options please see below: 
- a 6922 based MM phono preamp
- Amtrans AMCG film coupling capacitors
- 59 step precision attenuator/volume control
All other functions are standard.
Model Europa tone control preamp comes standard as follows:
Tone Controls;
Tone Control Defeat;
Stereo/Mono Switch;
Tape/Source selection;
Volume Control;
Balance Control;
4 RCA Input Selection; the source names can be customized at no additional charge.
Silver Front Plate with black aluminum knobs or silver aluminum knobs; the pushbuttons are hard plastic.
A black front plate is available on request, also with the same black or silver aluminum knobs.
Tubes are factory new JJ 6922/E88CC's.
The chassis is an all metal 3U high unit. As with all our builds, we only use high quality brand name components. An optional black face plate is also available.
Europa is built to order and will take around 6 weeks to build and ship.


with MM phono preamp
Optional AMTRANS AMCG film coupling caps
Optional 59 step attenuator/volume
optional AMTRANS AMCG coupling film caps
$1,550.00+ - $1,725.00+
optional 59 step attenuator/volume control
Classic Sound