Tethys is our high end Headphone amp.
As the title indicates, Tethys is perfection in simplicity. The circuit is a very simple 6922/E88CC based push pull 'mini amp' to drive a pair headphones, yet the sound Tethys reproduces will astound you!
Lundahl output transformers ensure an amazing listening session and it is all too easy to lounge away for hours on end, listening to your favorite music with your headphones.
Built into an all American Landfall System powder coated Copper finish, Tethys will fit into any existing audio system setup. The chassis can be built with many different powder coated colors or textures, please inquire.
Tethys will easily drive most headphones on the market today, with two impedance levels which are easily selectable via a toggle switch on the face plate.
A precision 59 step volume control allows you to set the pefect sound level.
The all important power supply is a regulated high voltage B+ and regulated DC filament supplies. The power transformer too is an excellent Lundahl unit.
Wether you are a seasoned headphone listener or you are looking for the pefect listening experience, Tethys will give you hours of audio pleasure!
Tethys is a hefty little amp, coming in at 22lb thanks to the three Lundahl transformers!
Options available are Amorphous core output transformers, see below for pricing
$1,890.00 - $2,260.00
Amorphous core OPT's
+ $370.00
Tethys Options
Perfection in simplicity