DIY Projects
Here we showcase DIY projects which use Lundahl transformers.
AEGIS tube headphone amp
This is an excellent tube headphone amp designed by Keenan. He is also know as L0rdGwyn on the DiyAudio Forum. Go to this page, click here, for all the details, where you can download build instructions, BOM and more.
The Aegis uses the following Lundahl transformers:
1x LL2742/150mA Power supply choke, $113.00
1x LL2758 Power transformer, $192.00
2x LL2765/60mA Output transformer, $130.00 each
2x LL1667/5mA tube Anode choke, $106.00 each
3x 1638 small transformer housing, $74.00 each
The above will add up to just below $1,000.00, so a 10% discount will apply!

Click on each model number and it will take you to the relevant page where you can also download the data sheet, by clicking on the model number on the web page.
The above transformers are made to order, so you'll need to allow up to 6 weeks for shipping to you, but most of the time it is around 4 weeks or so. If there is enough interest for the Aegis tube headphone amp, we will start to keep the above models on hand so then you will not have to wait up to 6 weeks to get your set of transformers!
To order, please contact us at, mention Aegis and include the above model numbers and we can get the ball rolling for you.