Audiophile Transformers
Tube output
Tube amplifier output transformers
Moving coil input
Moving Coil step-up transformers
Input and DC-free line output application
Input and parafeed line output
Interstage, headphone and line output transformers
Power transformers
Mains transformers for tube amplifiers
Chokes and nothing but
A lot of Lundahl's transformers are available with Amorphous cores, nanocrystalline cores and silver wire.
Please inquire if the model you are looking for is available with the above options.
Lundahl transformer PCB's
Various PCB's for a range of Lundahl Transformers to make wiring to them easier!
Nanocrystalline Core Transformers
NOTE: Transformers such as chokes, interstage, OPT's and the like are ALL made to order due to the many different sub types, ie mA/H ratings that Lundahl offers. Please allow 4-6 weeks shipping!