Metal housings for tube amplifier transformers.
Throughout the years we have received critical comments on the looks of our tube amplifier transformers, even if most users are happy with their electrical performance. To facilitate the usage of our transformer in traditionally designed tube amplifiers we commissioned an industrial designer to develop a new transformer cover concept that fit the needs of our particular style of C-core transformer. The designer came up with this very clever, ventilated, space efficient cover that provides some unique functionality.
It is a four piece design that uses the transformer itself as a structural member and is configured so the transformer connections are readily accessible without removing the whole assembly from the chassis.
1620 Housing, LARGE
126 mm (4.95”) tall
95 x 95 mm (3.76” x 3.76”) footprint
Unit price USD 74.00
1620 Housing suitable for LL1620-size transformers, such as:
LL1620, LL1623, LL1627, LL1648, LL1649, LL1650, LL1651, LL1679, LL2410, LL2414, LL2418, LL2419, LL9202
1638 Housing, SMALL
110 mm (4.33”) tall,
95 x 80 mm (3.76” x 3.15”) footprint
Unit price USD 74.00
1638 Housing suitable for LL1638 and LL1660-size transformers and chokes, such as:
LL1638, LL1660, LL1663, LL1664, LL1667, LL1668, LL1671, LL1673, LL1677, LL1682, LL1685, LL1689, LL1692A, LL2733, LL2735B, LL2737, LL2743, LL2745, LL2746, LL2750
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Metal Housings