PCB's for Lundahl Output Transformer
These pcb's will simply solder onto the transformer so that all the transformers' pins are 'extended' to make soldering and wriring easier.
Where applicable, jumper links need to be installed to configure the secondery winding for 4, 8 or 16 OHM speaker impedance.
If you order these pcb's with your Power Transformer order, there will be no additional shipping charge. To order, please send us an e-mail at erhardaudio@gmail.com
The the secomndary pcb has been designed as a universal pcb, where jumper wires need to be installed depending on if 4, 8, or 16 OHM speaker imoedance is reqiured. Please refer to the data sheet in order to choose the correct configuration.
Note, the primaries of the LL1620/27 and LL1623/9202 are different, so you'll need to let us know which model OPT you have!
You will get full documentation with your pcb.
Order code PCB-LL1620/23/27/9202, price for a pair is $18.00 which includes copper wire and insulator sleeve, plus $10.50 shipping to the lower 48.