Erhard Audio is proud to announce to have been appointed an authorized reseller and distributor of Lundahl Transformers from Sweden.
Due to the rapid growth of Lundahl's market share here in the US, both Erhard Audio and K&K Audio will look after Lundahl's USA interests.
Erhard Audio and K&K Audio will operate as independent resellers and distributors, each working directly with Lundahl.

Lundahl has a vast array of transformers for the pro audio, audiophile and other specialty industries.
Please see below to navigate to the various categories.

As of November 29th 2021, all OPT and choke orders will now ship out in the first week of February 2022. The last stock order for us from Sweden for 2021 will leave in the first week of December.
Lundahl will be closed over the Christmas period and into the first week of Jaunary 2022.