This version of our PAS new generation kit incorporates all the functions of the original Dynaco PAS2/3/3X, such as the stereo, mono & blend function WITH the addition of a separate center channel with its own volume control and RCA output.
The center channel concept was very popular in the early 60's and preamps such as the Citation etc of that era all had center channels. The idea of the center channel was to 'fill that gap' bewteen the left and right speakers which was quite noticeable with early not so good stereo recordings, so a separate center speaker, usually with its own built in small amp, was used to compensate for the 'bad' stereo. The center channel gets its inputs from both the left and right channels  swhich are then combined to create in effect a mono output. The level of the center channel is adjusted via its own volume control and comes on its own small pcb using a single 12AX7, which neatly fits into the spot vacated by the old multi cap can capacitor which is no longer required with our modern power supply.
We thought it would be neat to offer this option again for those of you who have a collection of early 'not so good' stereo recordings and wish to improve the overall sound reprodcution with the center channel speaker, or have a collection of mono 78's for which the blend or mono functions are perfect for.
In order to fit all these additional controls to the original PAS front chassis holes, we also re designed the tone controls into the more convential 'single' control for treble and bass using dual gang potentiometers.
The remainder of this kit uses our excellent PAS upgrade kits, such as the Z-PH10 phono preamp, AIKIDO classic line preamp, the solid state regulated power supply and a revised RCA socket pcb which has an extra pair of output RCA sockets for the center channel.

It will take about 2 weeks to put together this kit as we custom order the chassis and front panel once we receive your order.
We do ship this kit overseas. Please contact us after you have purchased the kit and the various options, and we will send an additional PayPal invoice to you for the relevant shipping cost to your country. Thank you.
For ALL international & overseas clients, please contact us BEFORE you place an order so that we can work out the correct shipping cost to your country. Thank you!

PAS-NGC Preamp Kit#34

Please note: ALL our kits require assembly!
Also, all the resistors and capacitors are mixed together, they are not packed in their individual values and/or types. Tubes ARE NOT INCLUDED!
supplied kits are NOT assembled!
silver OR black front panel
Kit# 34 PAS-NGC preamp kit, as shown above
Option: ALPS volume control with pcb
Option: Above kit assembled and tested with 24 month warranty on the preamp. Tubes ARE NOT INCLUDED!
silver OR black aluminum knobs
optional ALPS volume control with pcb
PAS-NGC options
PAS-NGC extras