The circuitry used in this PAS-NG kit is based upon our very popular TCLA Combo Kit, kit#11, consisting of our Z-PH10 phono preamp, the TCLA tone control preamp and our top of the range Solid State Regulated Power Supply vSS (NO tube rectifier). You will also get a Bourns volume and balance control. ALPS volume and ALPS balance controls are available at extra cost. Please see below.

Included with this kit is the RCA I-O kit, rotary selector switch, one power and one Tape/Source slide switch, LED pilot light kit, your choice of either a silver or black anodized aluminum front panel with suitable silver or black knobs as well as all of the necessary hardware.Tubes are not included, but we can supply those as well at an additional cost. We find that most builders like to try and source their own tubes.

Please note that this is kit is NOT for the beginner, and although assembly instructions for each PCB are included, wiring for mains power will need someone with experience and who has wired up power switches before. This kit can be set for either 120VAC or 220-240VAC by installing the relevant jumper links on the power supply PCB.

We can also customize these kits. For example if you prefer to use a different model phono or line preamp, or even prefer to use our power supply using a tube rectifier, we can accommodate your wish. Just ask!

Optional ALPS Blue Velvet volume & balance controls with PCB's

Price for the complete kit, choice of silver or black front panel with silver or black knobs, NO TUBES:
$715.00, + $35.00 shipping to the lower 48

Price for the complete kit with your choice of silver or black front panel with silver or black knobs, complete with a matched set of tubes:
$799.00, + $35.00 shipping to the lower 48

Add $ 65.00 to either above kit price

As an option we can build this kit for you, which includes full testing, so that all you need to do is to plug in the tubes - these are removed for shipping - plug in your audio sources, and enjoy tube music! This also includes a 12 month warranty on all parts and labor, 6 months on the tubes if you buy the tubes from us well.
Price for this service is $270.00

It will take about 2 weeks to put together this kit as we custom order the chassis and front panel once we receive your order.

We do ship this kit overseas. Please contact us after you have purchased the kit and the various options so that we can send an additional PayPal invoice to you for the relevant shipping cost to your country. Thank you.

For ALL international & overseas clients, please contact us BEFORE you place an order so that we can work out the correct shipping cost to your country. Thank you!

PAS-NGT Preamp Kit#30

Please note: ALL our kits require assembly!
Also, all the resistors and capacitors are mixed together, they are not packed in their individual values and/or types.
Optional ALPS Blue Velvet Volume and Balance controls with mini PCB's: