Dynaco PAS 2/3/3X upgrade kits
New Generation PAS Preamp kits
The Dynaco PAS2/3/3X preamp upgrade kits we offer are the best available on the market! Developed over many years, Erhard Audio is the ONLY and OFFICIAL seller of all these great upgrade kits, spare parts and more. If you own an old Dynaco PAS2/3/3X and have been wondering what you can do to improve the sound and breathe new life into the preamp, you've come to the right place. 
These are first class kits using all modern, up-to-date tube circuitry. We only use high quality film and carbon resistors, capacitors, transistors, voltage regulators and silk-screened printed circuit boards. Each kit comes with all of the parts except tubes, as well as a full set of instructions. Most of these kits and modifications do require a fairly good general knowledge of kit building and a background in basic electronics would help. They are not recommended for the complete novice.
We do not mark the individual part values or pack them in their separately marked bags. We feel that part of the kit building experience is to find the value of each component by using your multi meter to measure the components value. Each manual does come with a resistor color code chart as well as a capacitor code chart.
PLEASE NOTE! With the exception of our PAS2/3 clone PC5 & PC6 kit, ALL our remaining kits will result in the loss of the functionality of the blend/mono-stereo switch, filter switch as well as the loudness function. We HIGHLY recommend that you also update the original selector switch as well as the RCA input-output PCB as the wiring with these upgrade kits will not suit the original selector switch. You will also lose tone controls if you buy our Z-Mod PC5 & Z-Mod PC6 kits, as well as the AIKIDO kit.
If you are unsure of which functions you will lose and which you will retain, PLEASE contact us PRIOR to buying any kit as we CANNOT give any refunds for incorrectly purchased and shipped kits!
We now have our very own PAS upgrade kit forum, where all of our upgrade kits can be discussed in detail.
Go here, https://www.erhard-audio.com/EA-Forum/index.php