Elvis is a push-pull power amplifier based on the classic Mullard amplifier circuit rated at 60W/CH using a quad set of Gold Lion KT88 beam tetrodes, two per channel  and with an auto bias cictuit.
This auto bias circuit will keep the bias set to the correct current irrespective of signal variations and will automatically compensate for 'aging' tubes.

The preamp/driver section uses three 6SN7 triodes.
Two versions of this popular stereo power amp are available, -one with a pair of Edcor output transformers, and for the ultimate in listening pleasure, one with a pair of the first class Lundahl LL1679PP output transformers.

Elvis is build to order.

Elvis with Lundahl OPT's


Elvis with Edcor OPT's
$1,950.00- $2,495.00

Standard with Edcor OPT's
with Lundahl LL1679PP OPT's
+ Shuguang Treasure CV181-Z tubes x3
Every Elivs amp comes with your choice of chassis wood and plate colors plus any of the options listed below:

Elvis options
Shuguang Treasure CV-181-Z tube