Buddy is the monster of our power amp lineup, a 120W mono block - quite the performer! As the  'mono block' description infers, two Buddy's are required for stereo.

Buddy is built around a quad set of KT120's beam tetrodes in a parallel push-pull configuration with a preamp/driver section consisting of two high grade and superb sounding Shuguang Treasure CV181-Z's, a 6SN7 equivalent tube.
Model Buddy uses an Auto Bias circuit, identical to the one used in our model Elvis 60W/CH stereo power amp. This takes the guess work out of keeping the bias for the big KT120's at the correct level. We set the bias, then you'll never have to worry about adjusting the bias again!
Please contact us if you wish to know more about the Auto Bias circuit and how it works.
The 120W of tube power will require a set of speakers that will not flinch when Buddy gets going, and mark our word, nothing short of at least 200W constant rated speakers will be able to handle this listening session!

Due to the power that Buddy delivers, nothing but the highest quality output transformer will do this demanding job. That is why we chose the Lundahl LL1679 OPT.

Buddys are build to order.


A 'left handed' and 'right handed' Buddy
$4,150.00 for a pair

Every pair of Buddy mono blocks comes with your choice of chassis wood and plate colors plus any of the options listed below:

Standard - Pair