The Combo Easy Listening consists of our model Saturn 20W/CH EL84 stereo amp, and model Europa, 6922, tone control preamp, with or without the optional phono preamp.
This combo system is perfect for the lounge room or family room, in fact, it will sound amazing in just about any room!
Model Europa will come standard with 4 input selection (source names can be customized), tone controls, balance control, tone defeat, loudness, stereo/mono and tape/source. A 6922 phono preamp is an option.
Model Saturn will come standard with Antek OPT's and power transformer. Lundahl LL2765/PP OPT's are an option. You can also choose between square or round VU meters.
Both Europa and Saturn are available with silver or black face plates.
Our standard 24 months warranty applies to the preamp and amp, 6 months on the tubes.
Build time for this combo system will be 8 weeks.

Combo Easy Listening

Combo Easy Listening
Europa & Saturn, no phono preamp
Europa & Saturn, with phono preamp