The Combo Easy Listening consists of our model Elvis MKII 60W/CH stereo power amp, and either a model Aretha tone control preamp, with or without the phono preamp option.
This combo system is for the serious audiophile who is looking for that magic tube sound and just wants to sit back and enjoy the music!

Model Aretha will come standard with 4 input selection, tone controls, balance control and a 59 step precision attenuator.
If you want other options, please refer to the Aretha page for pricing and details of offered options.

Model Elvis MKII will come standard with Lundahl OPT's and our own design poiwer transformer custom made fore us by Heyboer Transformers.
As with all our builds, you will have a choice of chassis woods, as well as plate colors, standard are black or silver top and front plates.

Our standard 24 months warranty applies to the preamp and amp, 6 months on the tubes.

Build time for this combo system will be 8 weeks.

Combo Easy Listening

Combo Easy Listening
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Model Aretha in an African Padauk chassis with the optional phono preamp
If you wish to return the unit, a 15% restocking fee will apply and the shipping cost for this will be on your account. The time limit is 1 month  from date of shipping for returns. For more details, please see our terms and conditions.
Model Elvis MKII in an African Padauk chassis
Aretha & Elvis, no phono preamp
Aretha & Elvis, with phono preamp