Using our PAS upgrade kits for non PAS DIY tube preamp building
Did you know that you can use our PAS upgrade kits for building your very own tube preamp?
Pretty much all of our PAS upgrade kits are 'stand alone', meaning they are a complete functioning phono preamp or line preamp, and when coupled to our regulated power suppiles, you can build your very own high end tube preamp in your choice of chassis!
By using our regulated power supplies, kit#7 or kit#8, you can match these up to any of our Z-series preamp kits, such as the Z-PH20 phono preamp, our TCLA tone control preamp or our Aikido based line preamp and more.
Since our regulated power supplies come with their own pcb mount mains power transformers, so all you need to do is wire it up to a power switch and power cord receptacle. Pretty straight forward really!
We also sell many accessories, such as volume and balance controls, RCA jack pcb, selector switch and more. These can be found in our ACCESSORIES web page.
Each of our kits come with their own comprehensive set of instructions to make building your very own tube preamp a breeze.
Of course we are always here to help you out and if you wish to know more about how to use our PAS upgrade kits for your very own DIY tube preamp, drop us a line at
NOTE: ALL our kits require 24VDC filament, this is a carry over from the original Dynaco filament supply.
So, we do strongly recommend that you use our regulated power supply for our kits!