Upgraded audio capacitors

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Upgraded audio capacitors

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What are the suggestions for audio path capacitor upgrades?
Budget, middle ground hi fi, high end hi fi not breaking the bank.
Best value? Not looking to spend hundreds for a minimum change.
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Re: Upgraded audio capacitors

Post by Holger »

the issue is space on the pcb. Most 'high end' caps are physically large, and just do not fit on the PAS pcb's.
One possible option is AMTRANS, https://amtrans.asia/ a Japanese high end cap and resistor manufacturer. Most of their cap models are not ridiculously large yet offer a noticeable improvement in some cases.
I buy them from a UK supplier, HiFi Collective, https://www.hificollective.co.uk/catalo ... trans.html. There are some other seller as well, you'll need to do some searching.
I have not used AMTRANS in our PAS kit, but I do offer AMTRANS as an upgrade option in my model Europa, https://www.erhard-audio.com/Europa.html, custom build tube preamp.
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