eBay listings
As some of you may have already noticed, eBay made some dramatic changes to their seller policies, in particular, how we, as sellers, get paid, once one of our products is sold.
Instead of sticking with PayPal to pay us sellers as had been for decades, eBay decided to create their own payout system to sellers.
In short, you as the buyer, pay via PayPal, but we, as the seller, DO NOT get that money until a few days later! This is crazy, as a lot of us sellers rely on the steady cashflow. With other words, we have to ship out the goods you purchased before we get paid. Well, that does not work, so we have decided to close our eBay store and delete most of our other listings.
At this moment, we are still selling our PAS kits through eBay, but that is all. These too will be taken off eBay soon.
Instead, we have signed up with eCRATER. They are a much better organization, simpler to use, not that many crazy rules, LOWER COSTS and we get paid for your order as soon as you have paid for it via PayPal.
Here is our link to our eCRATER shop. We will be adding more products in the coming weeks.


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