Thank you for looking through these pages, I hope that my custom built tube audio gear has sparked your interest in Erhard Audio.
So what makes Erhard Audio unique and stand out from other tube audio gear manufacturers. First and foremost, each piece is 100% hand crafted by me, right here in Ennis, located in the beautiful Madison Valley of south western Montana. 
Each circuit is a ground up design, so it is unique to Erhard Audio. Great care has been taken to not over design a circuit, only using enough components to allow the tubes to do their magic. There is no bling with any of my gear, just the wonderful sound of tubes!
High quality, name brand parts are sourced from USA and European distributors such as Mouser and other well known and respected suppliers. No Asian counterfeit parts are used!
Each wooden chassis is hand made right here in Montana.
Most models offer a veriety of options to make each piece unique to you.
I spend time to go over all the details with you, from the type of wood, color of the plates and other special requests you may have, to make your piece of Erhard Audio tube gear just perfect for you!
The medium to larger sized manufacturers are just not able to offer the same level of personal care and attention!
What you will end up with is a unique and customized piece of Erhard Audio tube gear, carefully handcrafted by myself, that will give you many years of listening pleasure.
So get in contact with me, by e-mail or phone, and let's see what I can build for you!
Erhard Audio LLC
406 589 2251
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