Due to the current crisis in Ukraine, Erhard Audio will not be buying any Russian made Tung Sol tubes for the foreseeable future.
We have VERY limited supplies of Tung Sol tubes on hand, once those are gone, we will be using other brands for our custom builds.
There is also a shortage of other non Russian made tubes due to panic buying, (really people???) so we will try and do our best to source from other manufacturers.

As an option, we can build your custom order and ship the unit without any tubes, if we find they are difficult to get, and the price will of course be adjusted accordignly, you will then need to try and source your own tubes.
Please contact us before you place your Erhard Audio custom build order, as we need to look at this on a case by case basis, thank you.

This is an unfortunate situation most tube gear manufacturers are facing and we all just have to do our best to work with it.

I appreciate your understanding.

Erhard Audio LLC

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Current global tube supply shortage