Titan II we feel is an exceptional tube tape head preamp design, capable of being matched up with most reel to reel tape deck heads on the market today, from the very early transistor designs right up to the modern tape decks such as the Revox, Studer, AMPEX, Otari, TEAC, Akai, Pioneer, Tandberg etc., both consumer and prosumer.
This ground up purpose designed tape head preamp gives unparalleled performance and listening pleasure.
Unlike most other tube tape head preamp offerings, our circuit allows for EQ compensation of both world standards in use today, NAB (7.5 & 15IPS), IEC 7.5 IPS and IEC 15IPS. As an option, 7.5, 15 & 30IPS IEC only is available.
Standard are RCA sockets, we can also build Titan using XLR sockets.
Titan II is a hybrid circuit, consisting of a JFET & MOSFET input stage, followed by a 6922 output stage. This excellent circuit is a design by our tube circuit guru, Ray Waters.
The optional balanced XLR version uses the superb Lundahl LL1544 audio transformer for true balanced in and outputs.
Power Supply:
We have completely re designed the power supply. This is a MOSFET based regulated B+ power supply with exdeptional low noise. The DC filament too has been completely updated. This results in an ultra quiet power supply that is extremely stable.
The low noise toroidal transformer was designed by us and is custom made to our specifications. It supplies both the high voltage B+ as well as the filament supply.
Titan comes with a mains voltage selector switch for 120VAC/50Hz and 230-240VAC/50Hz.
A 'ground lift' switch, as well as chassis and signal ground connections are provided on the rear panel.
Only high quality components are used in the construction of Titan II. Low-noise Vishay +/-1% variation metal film resistors are used throughout the signal paths with high quality Panasonic metal oxide resistors in the power supply circuit. WIMA film and Wurth, Nichicon and Panasonic electrolytic capacitors are used throughout. Coupling caps are Mundorf MCap EVO series.
The NAB & IEC frequency shaping components, especially the film capacitors, are of ultra low +/- 3% variation.
The printed circuit boards are designed in house , manufactured to FR4-TG standards, and are double-layer with a full top ground plane to ensure complete screening of the circuits.
The selector switch is a fully sealed GRAYHILL unit connected to the knob via a stainless steel shaft and mini roller bearing.
Tubes are a pair of matched Genalex Gold Lion Gold Pin E88CC's.
Titan II is offered with three in and output options.
1/ Unbalanced RCA in and output
2/ XLR sockets, however, these are wired in UNBALANCED mode, where pins 1&3 are shorted, this does not use the Lundahl LL1544A audio transformer. This option is for those who only have XLR cables but are not worried about the preamp in and outputs being balanced.
3/ XLR in true balanced mode using the Lundahl LL5144A audio transformer. This option retains the balanced signal for in and outputs.
NOTE: Titan II is not a balanced preamp circuit, so the incoming balanced signal only goes as far the Lundahl LL1544A, after which it gets converted to unbalanced  by the LL1544A for the preamp circuit.
Same applies to the output. The preamp output is unbalanced, but gets converted to a balanced signal by the Lundahl LL1544A.
General specs:
General specs:
Preamplifier gain - 55dB
Input impedance is set to 47K, but can be user adjusted.
Rack chassis : 17.3" wide, 2U height and 8.7" deep; NOTE: Chassis width quoted here is WITHOUT rack mounting holes
Rack chassis weight : 13lb
Warranty: 2 years on the preamp, 6 months for the tubes