Saturn is our excellent sounding EL84 tube amp.
All circuits are on one pcb with the regulated DC filament  supply for the 12DW7 driver tubes.
All components are housed in an all metal chassis, this makes it easy to place this amp in shelves.
Saturn is our own design, inspired by the Dynaco SCA-35.
Care was taken in this design to keep the circuit as straightforward as possible to avoid manipulating the signal more than is strictly necessary. The result is this outstanding sounding amplifier which is extremely quiet at idle!
Power Supply:
B+ is a CRC power supply, plus an on board LD1084V regulated DC supply for the 12DW7 driver tubes. The EL84 use AC filament supply.
Only high quality components are used in the construction of Saturn. Low-noise +/-1% variation metal film resistors are used throughout the signal circuit with high quality Panasonic metal oxide resistors in the power supply circuit. WIMA film and Panasonic/Nichicon/Wurth electrolytic capacitors are used throughoutnd
The auto bias module is made by Audioamp from the Czech Republic, for whom we are the North American distributor.
The OPT's and power transformer are ANTEK toroidals.
All printed circuit boards are designed in house and manufactured to FR4-TG standards, and are double-layer with a full ground plane on the component side to ensure complete screening of the circuits.
RCA sockets are gold plated, as are the speaker posts.
Tubes are factory new JJ 12DW7 and EL84's.
General specs:
Amplifier output - 20W/CH stereo
Frequency response is +/- 0.5dB 20Hz to 35KHz
Chassis size: 13.4"W x 14.5"D x 5.50"H
Weight: 28lb
Power: 82W