Designed with flexibility in mind, this SUT (Step Up Transformer) uses the excellent Lundahl LL9226 MC input transformer.
This SUT can be set up for 14, 20 or 26dB of gain by means of jumper links on the pcb.
If you require higher levels of gain, please let us know.
A resistor can also be added to closely match the cartridge impedance.
The unit is housed in an all metal enclosure with  RCA sockets as well as a grounding post.
This SUT is perfect to use with our model Aretha tone control preamp with its phono preamp, which is designed for MM cartridges.
So if you have an MC cartridge, this SUT will make it possible to use your turntable with our model Aretha.
The SUT is fully assembled and tested and comes with a lifetime warranty!

Step Up Transformer