Ray is hand built to the finest standards using the well-proven 6L6G Beam Tetrode tube, strapped in triode mode, and the 6SL7 dual triode. Combined with the superb Lundahl LL1682 output transformers, this single-ended amplifier will amaze you with its details and just the right amount of bass and treble!
We chose these tubes as each has been around for decades and have proven themselves to be both reliable and excellent performers in tube amplifiers. There are literarily thousands of NOS 6L6's and 6SL7's available allowing the user to try out many different brands with varying carachteristics of these classic tubes - also known as tube rolling - which can have a positive effect on the overall sound of this single-ended amplifier.
Ray is shipped with a pair of factory new and matched bottle shaped Tung Sol 6L6G and 6SL7. Please note that, it will take time for these factory new tubes to settle in and mellow, generally about 50-100hrs!
In line with our philosophy of keeping things simple and allowing the tube to work its magic, Ray's audio circuit is kept very basic with one triode preamp stage, which is one section of the 6SL7. This then drives one 6L6G power tube, which is strapped in triode mode, to give you that much sought after and wonderful triode sound. And that's pretty much it!
Power Supply:
On the other hand, as with most of our designs, a lot of time and effort has gone into the power supply to ensure that Ray operates at near zero background noise level. We have achieved that by using a regulated high voltage B+ for the main circuit as well as a regulated DC filament supply for the single 6SL7. Most other SE amps on the market use AC for the filament of the preamp/drive tubes, which can and often induce hum into the circuit. This hum may be very low, but it is still there. With Ray there is no hum, pure and simple!
Only high quality components are used in the construction of Ray. All power supply electrolytic capacitors are Nichicon units. Film capacitors are WIMA, and coupling capacitors are Mundorf MCap EVO series. Resistors in the signal paths are Vishay CMF and RN low noise military spec film resistors, and in the power supply we use Panasonic metal oxide power resistors. RCA sockets are gold plated, and speaker posts are Rhodium.
The printed circuit board is designed in house and manufactured to FR4-TG standards. It is double layered with full ground planes on both sides to ensure complete screening of the circuits.
The power transformer is the Lundahl model LL2741, and the all important output transformers are first class Lundahl LL1682.
General specs:
Frequency response is +/- 0.5dB 15Hz to 40KHz
Output 5W/CH at either 4 or 8 OHMS (this needs to be specified when ordered)
Chassis: 13"wide x 11 1/4" deep x 9" tall
Weight: 28lb