Nina Studio is our pro version of the very popular model Nina, tube Tape Head Preamp.

Nina Studio has been designed in collaboration with Grammy Award winning Lewis Hopkin of Stardelta Mastering, based in Devon, UK.
A lot of time was spent with Lewis to determine exactly how Nina Studio needs to function, so as to be able to operate in any recording studio where analog reel to reel tape decks are extensively used. 
Lewis' decades of recording, mastering experience and knowledge helped create Nina Studio, resulting in a first class tube tape head preamp.
Adjustable EQ levels enable the studio engineer to calibrate the playback levels of a tape deck to their exact requirements.
The EQ circuits are designed by our circuit guru Ray Waters and use the ultra low noise OPA2134 Op-Amp.
Three adjustable EQ frequencies are provided. These are 50Hz and 10KHz with a +/- 10dB range plus a high frequency 16KHz shelving filter, adjustable from 0dB to +10dB.
In addition to the above frequencies, preamp gain is adjustable @ +/- 10dB.
Calibration is accessible via the front panel using high quality sealed precision trimmers.
A pair of retro Sifam VU meters with their dedicated high accuracy driver circuit will give precise signal level readouts. The VU meters are calibrated to read 0dB VU scale @ +6dB. This can be customized on request.

The main preamp circuit is identical to our model Nina which is based around the 6922/6DJ8/6N23P family of tubes, with a gain of 55dB.
The input impedance is set to 47K, which is user adjustable from 30K up to 92K via a trimmer.

In and outputs are balanced XLR using the superb Lundahl LL1544A audio transnformer.

Nina Studio is built in a 3U custom anodized aluminum rack mount chassis, available in silver or black. 
The external power supply module is housed in a small aluminum chassis and is connected via a 3' umbilical cord.
The length of this cord can be made to custom length, but we do not recommend going over 5'.
This umbilical cord provides all DC voltages for the Nina Studio. It is made up of four pairs of twisted multi strand wires, where each pair is shielded as well as an overall shield for all four pairs of wires. This ensures that no unwanted noise or intereference is picked up.

Nina Studio is hand built to order with a production time of approximately 4-6 weeks from receipt of order.

Nina Studio

Nina Studio in a custom anodized aluminum rack chassis, available in silver or black
NOTE: This is the prototype unit in a 3U 'off the shelve' chassis, production units will be housed in a 3U custom anodized aluminum chassis, available in silver or black.
The production VU meters will also be different, they will be Sifam Type AL20.
Type AL20 VU meter which will be used for the production units
External power supply connected to the main rack chassis via a fully shielded umbilical cord