Put Good Stuff In, Get Great Sound Out

It’s true that here at Erhard Audio we love good music, but you may not know that we also love to cook. One of the first things you learn in the kitchen is that if you want to make something really tasty you need to begin with quality ingredients. And it’s no accident that the same is true for great sounding audio gear – if you want your music to sound fantastic, you’ll have to begin with high quality components.

Whats in a name.......

Shakespeare had something to say about it, and prospective parents seem to put a lot of thought into it. So maybe names really are important after all. That's why we've changed our name to better reflect the care and craftsmanship we build into all of our products. As Erhard Audio, we will continue building premium vacuum tube audio gear, and our PAS and SCA upgrade kits will contain the best possible components just as they always have.

Introducing Nina, Tube Gear For The R2R Enthusiast

Mention vacuum tube gear to an audiophile and the first image that pops into his or her mind is probably a turntable. Vinyl enthusiasts have long embraced tube analog sound for its depth and tonality. But while reel-to-reel listeners have traditionally had to settle for OEM playback preamps, we’re happy to announce that this in no longer the case.

July 2017 Blogs