African Padauk chassis

Designed with the serious vinyl listener in mind, Janis offers an unpralleled sonic experience with a set of hand picked and matched 6922/6DJ8/6N23P-EV's twin triodes, and the unique flexibility to finely match the turntable's cartridge impedance by allowing the user to select the correct impedance via an array of mini DIP switches, accessible via the rear panel.

Janis will play both MM and MC cartridges, selectable via a switch at the rear panel.
If you are using LoMC cartridges, we recommend the use of the SUT (Step Up Transformer) we sell, click here for details.

Janis is built to order and will take around 4-6 weeks to complete and ship.

Every Janis preamp comes with your choice of chassis wood and plate colors.
Tube option:

Quad set of excellent sounding matched NOS 6DJ8's or 6N23P's.
Please contact us for pricing & availability.

rear layout with the slots to access the MM/MC switch & cartridge impedance matching DIP switches
Janis Options
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If you wish to return the unit, a 20% restocking fee will apply and the shipping cost for this will be on your account. The time limit is 1 month  from date of shipping for returns. For more details, please see our terms and conditions.