Due to popular demand, we are re releasing model Hendrix, our LM833-N Op-Amp based 10 octaves per channel stereo graphic equalizer.
Hendrix has 10 octaves/frequencies per channel, these are 32Hz, 64Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1KHz, 2Khz, 4KHz, 8Khz and 16KHz.
Each octave is designed around the high speed LM833-N audio Op-Amp.
High quality, WITH center detent, Bourns slider potentiometers adjust the cut and boost for each octave at +/-12dB.
All EQ and bi-polar power supply components are mounted on one pcb. The output preamp is also monuted on one pcb which is then directly attached to the main pcb. The only wiring is from the toroid power transformer and to and from the RCA sockets.

Hendrix is build in a Hammond RNC 2U rack mount chassis and comes with an EQ in/out and power switch on the front panel.

Standard in and outputs are unbalanced RCA, however, optional XLR balanced in and outputs will be available.
The balanced in and outputs use the excellent Lundahl LL1544A audio transformer.


Hendrix standard version
+ XLR balanced in and outputs
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