Model Energos MKI is our version of a 2way 24dB per octave Linkwitz-Riley active crossover.
We also have a 6922 based tube version, Energos MKII, click here.
Based on the extremely low noise LM4562 Op-Amp, this active crossover does a superb job of fine tuning your bi-amped stereo setup!
Using a quad of custom made linear 48 step mono attenuators, made exclusively for us by Khozmo Acoustics, the range of fine tuning your speakers is extremely wide and accurate.
Mundorf film capacitors ensure the best possible sound reproduction!
Energos MKI will really allow you to tune in your speakers in your setting and environment!
It may be necessary to bypass the existing passive crossover networks of your speakers, but this will need to be experimented with.
To ensure a totally hum and noise free operation, Energos is housed in an all metal chassis, using a medical equipment grade shielded toroid transformer for the bipolar power supply.
Energos comes standard with a crossover frequency of 2750Hz. If you however require a different crossover frequency, this can be adjusted by changing the relevant component values on the high and low frequency plug in modules!
If you are after that ultimate listening experience which is fine tuned for your speakers and room/area, Energos MKI will deliver the goods!

Energos is build order.

Energos MKI

crossover frequency plug in modules,
which can be customized to suit your speakers' frequency.
You can have all silver or all black aluminum knobs or a black front plate.
Energos MKI
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