My Solution to a Couple of Issues

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My Solution to a Couple of Issues

Post by jwb474 »

I have several of the Alps and Knockoffs of the Alps and there are a couple of issues I had to overcome. I know this may be nit-picking but details like this make me loose sleep.

1st was the mounting Diameter. Does it mount in a 3/8" hole-No, Does it mount in a 8mm hole-No, it uses a 9mm hole since it's mount is 8.8mm. I can't use the Dynakit parts 3/8" to 8mm shoulder washer. Luckily panels with 3/8" hole can be used since the washer supplied with the control allows you to center it. Users with custom front panels will have no issues, just specify a 9mm holes for the control when ordering.

2nd is shaft length & Dia. that I had a problem on a previews PAS-3X mod I done a while back. When the control was installed the shaft length caused the Knob to stick out too far from the front panel and the control knob fitted loosely since it was drilled for 1/4" shafts and the Alps shaft is 8mm.
I first tried to drill the knob deeper, scratch one control knob. I was looking at making a bracket to mount the control back from the chassis, but it turned into a project that I didn't want to do. I used the Dynakit Parts 8mm shaft to 1/4" knob bore hole brass sleeve to fix the loose fit. Attached are pictures of my solution. Hope this helps others.

Image Image Image Image Image Image
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Re: My Solution to a Couple of Issues

Post by Holger »

some really good advise, thank you.
Yes, a lot of potentiometers' shafts are too long and will need to be trimmed down, and using the brass 'set screw' knob adapter is a very handy thing in order to stop the knob from 'egging' when screwed straight to a split shaft.
These brass sleeves are readily available off the net, I use them too, as it is not always possible to get solid shaft potentiometers in the value one needs!
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