No signal throughput

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No signal throughput

Post by popeye72458 »

Recently upgraded three pre amps,
1) selector switch- works wonderfull.

2) Z-psu,PC6,Z pc5- selector switch volume and balance control.
I get no output, tubes lite and they have 24 volts to them, but no output.

3)Pas3 Aikido line preamp, PH20 MM phono, PAS3 regulated power supply, selector switch, volume and balance. This one has no output, Tubes light but nothing else.
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Re: No signal throughput

Post by Holger »

I would think that here may be an issue with your volume/balance control wiring, as it sounds like you are experiencing similar issues with both.
My suggestion is to go through your wiring again step by step, concentrating around the volume/balance controls.
Take your time, don't take anything for granted, trace each wire making sure it is correctly connected up.
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