Callisto is our next generation high end phono preamp, replacing our popular Janis series.
Callisto is a 6922/E88CC tube phono preamp. 6DJ8's can also be used and if you prefer, we would be happy to use your supplied 6DJ8's. In this case, we would of course adjust the final price of Callisto.
It is housed in an all American Landfall Systems aluminum chassis for optimum shielding.
Two versions of Callisto are offered.
The first version will have both MM and MC inputs, (selectable) using a pair of Lundahl SUT's (Step Up Transformers), complete with 8 step selectable input loading to closely match the cartridge used, see below.
The following Lundahl SUT's are offered. LL1931, LL1933 and LL1941. This will give user selectable gain range of 8,16,18, 24 or 38dB using a mini toggle switch located on the input pcb, depending on the model SUT used. Note, each model SUT will give TWO sets of gain ranges.
For example, SUT model LL1931 can be configured for a gain of either 8 or 16, so this mini toggle switch allows the user to choose between those two gain settings. This means that a number of different MC cartridges can be used for any given model SUT.
Each of these model SUT's are also available in Silver Wire for additional cost, see pricing below.
The second version is for MM cartridges only which will have a simplified rear panel with no switches, just RCA in and outputs.
We have spent months on this re design and the result is an amazing sonic experience!
The 6922 preamp design uses a combination ultra low noise LSK380 JFET and tube cascode input stage with an Aikido-style output buffer. A solid state CCS (Constant Current Source) is used in the second stage.
The all important power supply is a regulated high voltage B+ and regulated DC filament supplies. The toroidal power transformer is our own design and custom made for us and is housed in an aluminum shell for complete shielding.
The chassis is made in the USA by Landfall Systems, who also machine the front and rear panels with laser engraving for all the lettering. The finish is powder coated and many different colors are available for the whole chassis, so if you have a special request for the chassis color, please let us know.
This is a no compromise design which will give you hours of amazing vinyl listening pleasure!
Above is the rear panel layout showing the MM/MC input selector switch and the Cartridge load resistor selector.
The load resistor values will change depending on the model SUT and desired gain factor chosen. Shown are resistor values for the model LL1931/LL1933 with a gain factor 8 or 18dB.
$1,695.00 - $1,850.00+
MM Only
MM & MC base price. You MUST add at least ONE PAIR SUT model below
Lundahl LL1933
+ $372.00
Lundahl LL1933Ag -Silver wire
+ $1,714.00
Lundahl LL1931
+ $468.00
Lundahl LL1931Ag - Silver wire
+ $1,828.00
Lundahl LL1941 
+ $468.00
Lundahl LL1941Ag - Silver wire
+ $1,828.00
Callisto SUT Options
Perfection in sound
We have been advised that Landfall System, the chassis manufacturer, is currently closed until at least mid summer due to health issues.
So, unfortunately, we are not able to build Callisto until the return of Landfall Systems.
We wish them a speedy recovery!
refined listening pleasure