Model AB-Di
The model AB-Di auto bias module is designed to optimize the bias for two triode or pentode output tubes in Push-Push (PP) amplifiers that have their own negative bias supply circuit.
Suitable for class A, AB, or B tube amplifiers.
The AB-Di dynamically controls the bias in two tubes.
The module automatically optimizes the bias settings and maintains a strict symmetry of currents through both tube branches in the output stage. It will also stop any DC current flowing through the output transformers, all with the minimum of current loading on the anode of a tube. 
DC current saturates an output transformer which results in increased low frequency distortions.
The bias level is kept at the preset value irrespective of the input signal.
This module may be powered by the filament supply of an amp, with a range from 6.3V to 12.6V AC.
and comes with its own built in isolation transformer where the 6.3VAC filament supply is referenced to ground.
- PCB dimensions are 65mm x 57mm / 2.55" x 2.25"
- Suitable for single ended amps
- power supply requirement is 6.3 to 12VAC
- negative DC bias supply between -50V to -250V
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