In partnership with Dynakit Parts, we are now offering a New Generation kit of the very popular Dynaco ST-35  power amp, the ST-NG, at 17.5W per channel in an enclosed chassis, unlike the original Dynaco ST-35 which was in an open chassis. This is a pure power amp; it has no input selections, just a volume control.

This is a completely new kit. You will get the excellent Dynakit SCA chassis with black or brown cover, a complete set of new Dynakit power and output transformers, and our very own designed and much improved power supply with dual fixed bias regulators and a regulated DC filament supply for the preamp tubes. It includes an improved power amp circuit using a 12DW7 preamp tube and two EL84 output tubes per channel, volume and balance controls, and all the necessary hardware to build this one of a kind power amp kit. The vastly improved power supply, especially the DC filament supply for the preamp tubes, makes all the difference, along with a superb phono preamp designed especially for this amp with a higher than usual gain and an improved power amp circuit.

Here is why we feel that our ST-NG circuits stand above other options available on the ST-35 upgrade market:
- First and foremost, there is a lifted, regulated DC filament supply for the 12DW7's and 12AX7's;
​- It includes a regulated dual fixed bias circuit, one for each pair of EL84's, using an LM337 voltage regulator;
- It offers an updated and improved driver and power amp circuit, based on the unique 12DW7 triode and the venerable EL84 
  power tube;
- You'll get our own designed, high quality combo main printed circuit board (one PCB for all six tubes), with double layer, top and 
  bottom  ground planes for maximum screening against noise pickup, which can also be used to upgrade older SCA-35's which use 
  the single bias  supply, by simply adding one jumper link! The PCB has top and bottom solder masking and full screen printing;
​- It also includes high quality film resistors, high quality film capacitors, and high quality electrolytic capacitors throughout the circuits.

Do not compare this ST-NG to the original Dynaco ST-35! You are getting a first class power tube power amplifier that is heads and shoulders above the original ST-35! We have made NO COMPROMISE in the design and the components we use for this kit!

Two front panel colors are available, silver or black, with matching or contrasting silver of black aluminum knobs.

This integrated amp can be supplied for either 120VAC 60Hz or 220-240VAC 50Hz mains supply.

You will get a full set of instructions with this kit, but just as our SCA-NG kit, this is not for the beginner, and we are assuming that you have built tube amp kits before and have a basic understanding of their operation and that you are confident in working with DC voltages up to 450V!

Optional ALPS Blue Velvet volume control with mini PCB

Price for the complete kit, choice of silver or black front panel with a silver or black knob, NO TUBES:
$855.00, + $45.00 shipping to the lower 48

Price for complete set of matched tubes, consisting of 2x 12DW7's and 4x EL84's
Add $180.00

Add $ 33.00 to either above kit price

As an option, we offer to build this kit for you, which includes full testing, so that all you need to do is to plug in the tubes - these are removed for shipping - plug in your audio sources and enjoy tube music! This also includes a 12 month warranty on all parts and labor, 6 months on the tubes if you buy the tubes from us well.
Price for this service is $300.00

It will take about 2 weeks to put together this kit as we custom order the chassis and front panel once we receive your order.

We do ship this kit overseas.Pplease contact us after you have purchased the kit and the various options so that we can send an additional PayPal invoice to you for the relevant shipping cost to your country. Thank you.

For 220-240VAC 50Hz mains, a different power transformer is required
Cost for this power transformer, add $25.00

A typical completed ST-NG kit

For ALL international & overseas clients, please contact us BEFORE you place an order so that we can work out the correct shipping cost to your country. Thank you!

ST-NG Power Amp Kit#32

Please note: ALL our kits require assembly!
Also, all the resistors and capacitors are mixed together, they are not packed in their individual values and/or types.
Optional ALPS Blue Velvet Volume control with mini PCB: