This is the custom rack chassis version of our model Nina.
These panels are CNC fabricated by Front Panel Express in WA and are all made from 2.5mm/0.1" thick anodized aluminum in a silver finish with engraved lettering infilled with black lacquer.
The quality and look of this custom rack chassis is first class.
So if you want your Nina to look the part, you may wish to consider this option!
You have a choice of either a silver or black knob and power switch.
Apart from the different style chassis, everything else is identical to the standard rack chassis version.

Standard build:

Nina tape head preamp, housed in a custom rack chassis, silver anodized aluminum finish, size 2U x 19" x 8".

$1,795.00, plus $65.00 shipping to lower 48

Tube options:

A matched pair of excellent sounding  NOS 6DJ8's or 6N23P's.
Please contact us for pricing.

If you do not wish to have the rack mounting holes on each side of the front panel, we can remove those and make the front panel the same width as the rear panel.
Also, if you prefer silver RCA & XLR sockets, we can use those instead as well.
OPTION 1, Nina with Balanced XLR input as well as Balanced XLR output with RCA in and output:

$240.00 on top of the above base price.

OPTION 2, Nina WITHOUT a Balanced XLR in and output, RCA in and output only:

$1,615.00, plus $65.00 shipping to lower 48

Custom Rack Chassis