This is the Casette deck version of our popular Nina Tube Tape Head preamp for reel to reel decks.
The EQ section of the circuit has been redesigned for the two cassette deck standards, 3180/70 and 3180/120 time constants, selectable via a toggle switch on the front panel.
All other areas of the circuit remain the same as for the reel to rell deck Nina.

The preamp circuit is a hybrid design by renowned tube circuit guru Ray Waters. His brilliant circuit has been mated with our in-house designed regulated solid state power supply.

Nina comes standard with unbalanced RCA in and outputs.
Optional balanced XLR outputs can be supplied, see below for pricing.

Nina is a tape head preamp, so it must be connected directly to the decks playback head, NOT the tape deck audio output!

Nina is housed in a 2U, all metal, rack mounting chassis. As an option, nina can be built in a custom silver anodized rack or desk top chassis, indentical to the same custom chassis avalable for the reel to reel deck Nina, with the only change being a two position toggle switch instead of the 3 position rotary switch.
Nina WITH XLR balanced outputs:

$1,455.00, plus $65.00 shipping to lower 48

Standard build:

Nina tape head preamp in a 2U x 19" x 8" deep rack mount chassis, RCA in and outputs only

$1,285.00, plus $65.00 shipping to lower 48

Tube options:

A pair of matched NOS 6DJ8's or the excellent Russian made 6N23P's.
Please contact us for pricing.

Nina for Cassette Deck