Nina is quite unique in the world of tube audio gear in that it is a tape head preamp with a JFET & MOSFET cascode input section and using the venerable 6922/E88CC/6DJ8 triode for the output section, and is designed for use with most reel to reel tape decks, consumer or pro.
We understand that some hard core tube aficionados will balk at using silicon components, but our aim is to present the best possible performance and sound, especially with a very high gain preamp such as Nina, so using both transistors and tubes is the best solution for the lowest background noise operation.

The preamp circuit is a hybrid design by renowned tube circuit guru Ray Waters. His brilliant circuit has been mated with our in-house designed regulated solid state power supply.

The result is a fantastic sounding tape head preamp that is able to work with a wide range of playback head impedances. Another unique feature of Ray's design is that Nina can be switched between NAB (7.5 & 15 IPS), IEC 7.5IPS and IEC 15IPS.

Nina can also be supplied with a Balanced XLR input in addition to the standard Balanced XLR output with RCA in and output.
Or, for those who do not require a balanced in or output, Nina can be supplied with RCA in and outputs only. See below for pricing.

Nina is a tape head preamp, so it must be connected directly to the decks playback head, NOT the tape deck audio output!

Nina is housed in a 2U, all metal, rack mounting chassis.
OPTION 1, Nina with Balanced XLR input as well as Balanced XLR output with RCA in and output:

$255.00 on top of the above base price.

Standard build:

Nina tape head preamp in a 2U x 19" x 8" deep rack mount chassis, RCA in and outputs and Balanced XLR output

$1,495.00, plus $65.00 shipping to lower 48

Tube options:

A pair of matched NOS 6DJ8's or the excellent Russian made 6N23P's.
Please contact us for pricing.

OPTION 2, Nina WITHOUT a Balanced XLR in and output, RCA in and output only:

$1,340.00, plus $65.00 shipping to lower 48