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The latest addition to our stable, our model Nina tube tape head preamp, will be released for production this July.

Nina is truly unique in that it can be used with just about any consumer or pro reel-to-reel deck. It's able to handle a variety of playback head impedances without any loss of signal quality.

As well, Nina can be switched bewteen NAB (7.5 & 15 IPS), IEC 7.5 IPS and IEC 15 IPS.
Nina will be available in two chassis types - one of our beautiful custom handmade wood chassis, or a standard width 2U rack mount chassis.

Our new and totally revised model Billie headphone amp is finally available for sale.
This is an uncompromising design, using the superb Lundahl LL2765 output transformers, as well as providing standard 1/4" jack, left & right balanced XLR and 4 pin stereo balanced XLR plugs for your headphones.
An headphone impedance switch is also provided, low @ 300-OHMS and high @ 600-OHMS. Click here for all the details.

Effective immediately, model Aretha tone control preamp is now available with an optional loudness switch.

Latest News

After close to 2 years of R&D, model Nina tube tape head preamp is now finally released!
This is an amazing preformer, allowing the user to select all three world standard reel to reel deck EQ and speed settings. Click here for more details!