We now offer a SUT, Step Up Transformer, for use with MC or even LoMC cartridges (on request), if your phono preamp is only suitbale for MM cartidges.
This SUT is perfect for those who already own our model Aretha with the MM only phono preamp or for those considering to buy our model Aretha but wish to use an MC cartridge.
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Latest News

Our model Elvis has been updated to now use an Auto Bias circuit. This will fully automate the bias setting which is pre set by us to suit the KT88 power tube and its family of equivalent tubes. This bias setting will never need to be adjusted again!
This circuit includes a time delayed ramp of bias and plate supplies as well as four green LED's on the top plate to indicate that bias is active and the amp is ready to use.
No more checking the bias of the power tubes, each time the amp is powered up, the Auto Bias circuit will go through its start up sequence and then set each of the four output tubes to the pre set bias level and will keep it there no matter the age of each tube.
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