Erhard Audio Corona Virus status
For now, at Erhard Audio it is business as usual, or as 'usual' as can be. We have no plans to slow our business and my wife and I are doing just well.
We are staying home more and keeping our heads low and try and ride this out as best as we can, as this is about all most of us can do right now.
Respect your fellow citizen and please do listen and act on the advise of local and state authorities.

And above all, DON'T panic buy! The manufacturers and supply chains are not failing nor running out of goods, as long as we try and stay calm and not let fear rule the day.
A very famous quote from one of our past great Presidents, "The ONLY thing to fear is fear itself!"....and this is so true at all times, but especially NOW!

Please take care of yourself, we have all the confidence that the world will come through these challenging times and at the end hopefully be stronger, wiser and smarter!