Designed with headphone impedance matching in mind, Billie is a first class headphone amplifier using the 6922/E88CC dual triode and a pair of superb Lundahl LL2765 output transformers, which are a purpose designed headphone amp output transformer!

A unique feature allows the user to closely match the impedance of the headphone in use. This can be selected via a toggle switch on the front panel, HIGH (600 OHMS) and LOW (300 OHMS).

To ensure a noise free operation, Billie is housed in an all-aluminum custom chassis.
Billie can be supplied with a number of options such as balanced in and outputs, see below for details.

This is a heafty headphone amp with an equally heafty sound. It is not small nor light and those Lundahl OPT's will give you an unforgettable listening session!


Tube option:

Pair of matched Russian 6N23p-EB tubes

add to above price $55.00

We can build Billie with quite a few options for you!
Such as black RCA and XLR input jacks on the rear panel, black or silver LXR output jacks on the front panel, change the layout of the front panel to suit your taste, just ask!
A lot of these customizations will not cost any etxra $, we will work with you on a case by case basis!

Standard build: (as shown in the photos to the right)

Billie headphone amp with a pair of Gold Pin 6922/E88CC tubes, unbalanced RCA input and unbalanced 1/4" headphone jack output

$1,355.00, plus $45.00 shipping to lower 48


Billie with balanced in and outputs:

Please specify if you want two XLR balanced outputs, ie, left and right, or one DLX 4 pin balanced output.
Inputs are standard XLR balanced.

Add to above price: $85.00