$1,455.00 - $1,555.00
Designed with flexibility in mind, Aretha is a classic tone control, 6SL7 based tube preamplifier with a separate 6922/6DJ8 phono preamp, all housed in the same custom hand made wood chassis.

Various customizations are available, such as no phono preamp, no TAPE/SOURCE switch, a loudness switch and an infrared remote volume control.
Please note: The loudness function WILL NOT work when a remote volume control is chosen!
We can also offer a tone control DEFEAT switch, which takes the tone controls completely out of the circuit. This is for those listening sessions where you prefer to have a 'classic' line preamp. 

Please contact us if you want any of the above options
for your Aretha, as the price will change depending on the options chosen.

What you get with the standard Aretha:

4 input selection 
Trebble & Bass tone controls
Volume & balance controls
Separate MM phono preamp in the same chassis
Factory new Tung Sol 6SL7 triodes
Factory new 6922 triodes for the phono preamp

If you want any special customizations, please contact us with your requets.

Aretha is built to order.


African Padauk chassis
natural Tiger Maple chassis with optional Tape/Source switch
Every Aretha preamp comes with your choice of chassis wood and plate colors plus any of the options listed below:

Aretha Options
no phono
+ Tape/Source switch
+ $65.00
+ remote volume
+ $125.00
+ loudness switch
+ $65.00
+ tone defeat switch
+ $85.00
+ Shuguang Treasure      6SL7-T tubes x4
+ $200.00
Shuguang Treasure 6SL7-T tube
remote volume control